What’s the fastest way to improve the condition of your hair, skin and nails?

Hey there guys. There’s been a slight change of plan – the effect the stretch mark cream had on my wife has changed slightly, so we are in the process of altering that review. In the meantime though I thought I’d post a review about a different product she tried recently – a vitamin supplement that promoted hair growth, along with healthy skin and nails.

It almost sounds as if this vitamin can do too many things! Because of this she was eager to try this out. She is always trying to get her hair as thick as possible, and is always saying that her nails are in a bit of a state, even though I think they look fine.

Either way, she started taking the supplements roughly 3 weeks ago. She found them online at amazon after a friend had told her to search for them. We’d already heard from her friend that they did a good job. That coupled with the fact that they were quite cheap meant purchasing them at least for a try wasn’t a problem for us.

I didn’t actually take the supplements myself, but I will tell you what my wife had to say about them. She thought that overall they did a pretty good job. She had noticed that her hair was generally feeling thicker. On top of this her skin was feeling softer than usual and her nails looked better than ever. She was pretty happy to be honest. I think she was just genuinely surprised that she had actually found vitamins for hair skin and nails that work. Or at least that’s the impression I got.

I’m asking her now as I type this what score out of ten she’d give. She says 9, and is giving me two thumbs up. Well there you have it folks, you can check out the vitamins for yourself if you want to by following the link above. Make sure you come back again soon to hear our stretch mark cream review. Sorry again about the delay on that one. See you soon!

Product Reviews coming your way

We’ve got more awesome products to review, and as soon as we do, trust us you’ll be the first to know. The first one coming up is a stretch mark cream designed to reduce stretch marks and scars on the stomachs of women that have recently been pregnant. My wife has just been pregnant so we thought this was the perfect time to try out this product. Come back in a few days to see what we thought of it!

The best boilers and installers around

What’s up World Trade Review fans. We are back and ready to rock your world with another great post. Have you missed us? The topic for todays post might disappoint quite a few of you. I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do it about. I had an experience recently that I really want to share with you, so please trust me this will be worth it in the long run.

So, do you have any idea what it is I’m going to be talking about. Well the title of this post might give you a hint. As I said, it’s nowhere as glamorous or hip as talking about grooming products but its still important. Boilers. A broken boiler is something that I’m sure afflicts all of us at some point in our lives. And unfortunately for me, it happened in the week leading up to christmas.

As you can imagine, this is pretty much the worst time of the year that this could possibly happen. Although it might not technically be the coldest time of the year, it definitely couldn’t happen at a worse time, especially considering that I was due to have my family over for christmas eve through to the 28th, and that its almost impossible to get any professional to do anything throughout that week.

Either way, after hours on the phone attempting to find someone who could come out and see it, I eventually succeeded and manages to arrange for someone to come round. They eventually did, and told me the diagnosis. I needed a new boiler, which was going to set me back a fee that I believe was approaching a thousand pounds. This was a real sucker punch. I had to oblige the man I had no other choice. If there’s any silver-lining from this story it’s that the new boiler that he brought for me and installed is amazing. Its the fastest, most efficient thing I have ever seen, and all my family members thought so too.

Another great thing about it was the chap who installed it too. He was a great laugh and was really helpful when it came to instructing me on exactly how to use it. So if you live in a similar area to me, and this awful problem happens to you too, then I definitely recommend that you call on a London boiler installation service to help you, as they will inevitably save the day and bring heat back to your house!

Where have we been?

I’ve written this quick message to do one thing and one thing only – apologise. I’ve mistreated you, my loyal blog reader and I really have no reason for it. But fear not! This unfortunate lack of content will be remedied shortly. Swing on by in 24 hours and you’ll be able to feast your eyes on something new and epic!

Our first review – something a little unusual

Hey everyone. This is our first official post for the world retail and trade review site. Woohoo! My name’s Ken and I’ll be your author.

Today, we taking a look at a product that exists within a niche that I’m sure a lot of you didn’t even know existed. There’s no point in waiting around for you trying to guess is there. The product in question is something called beard oil. What is this, I hear you ask?

Beard oil is something you apply and rub into your beard. Since this new wave of beards that has occurred over the last couple of years, beard grooming products seem to be all the rage. The oil is supposed to have many qualities – Supposedly it makes the hair feel really soft. This is what made it sound appealing to me. Whenever I decide to grow mine out a bit, I swear it gets so damn itchy that eventually I give in and shave it all off. So, before trying it out, I was hoping that using the oil would help me with this problem. You’ll find out in good measure whether or not it did.

The oil is also supposed to its user out with all their beard grooming duties. It makes the hair less wavy and more controllable, which in turn means its much more easy to style and shape. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

I’ve recently found out that some of them are scented too. I think that’s such a great idea. My girlfriend always gets annoyed around this time of year (november) because I grow out the facial hair a bit. I’m sure once she knows that there are oils out there which would make mine smell nice, she wouldn’t be so against the idea.

Anyhoo, after hearing about the oil I thought I’d try some. I do own a product review blog after all. I tried out a few but one was a clear front runner. I’ll put a link to it below so you can check it out for yourself if you want to.

It really did quite a good job. I was impressed. At the time of purchase I thought it was quite pricy, as the bottle is quite small. But after using it for a few weeks and finally getting to grips with it, I’ve learnt that I only need a few drops of the stuff everyday. With any luck, this stuff will last me for months to come!

So if you’re interested in a really great beard conditioner and softener oil, then please follow the link and give it a try.

Cheers everyone. More reviews coming soon.


WRTR is off the ground

This is the World Retail & Trade Reviews website. The aim of this blog is to provide you with detailed and informative reviews on available online physical product that are currently particularly popular and selling well.

We will be covering a number of products that exist within a number of niches, including health and beauty products and home and garden items.