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the table below gives information about uk independent films.

The table below gives information about UK independent films.
The table
the performance report of independent movies distributed in the UK and Ireland by genre in 2012.
speaking, documentary and drama were responsible for genre with the highest number of release while biopic became the genre with the least number of release.

According to the data, released a huge number of movies did not guarantee for high income for ticket sales.
For example
even though
documentary published 35 movies in a year, the revenue was far lower than comedy which only released 26 movies and got 45. 5% from ticket sales, while documentary only got 2. 9% earnings. The same case happened with horror genre. Compared with drama which released 35 movies, the revenue for horror was twice larger than drama, which was 20. 2%.

On the other hand
, biopic god 9. 1% earnings only from distributed one movie, the earnings was three times larger than documentary genre which released 35 movies in a year and only got 2. 9% for the revenue. The rest of the genre, such as crime, action, thriller, and romance, did not
such particular result.
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